INTERNAL FLIGHT. BBC TV Documentary on Lemn Sissay

18 thoughts on “INTERNAL FLIGHT. BBC TV Documentary on Lemn Sissay

  1. Lemn, following long, arduous, tortuous searches you have achieved what you strove for. Well done. Please complete the story with a post discovery sequel on the rest of your very large family and heritage.

  2. I didn’t know this existed when I asked you to make a movie or write a book on the TED talk posting. So now you really don’t have another choice but to write a book.
    I loved both the documentary and the TED talk. You have a gift with words. I am very impressed and proud of what I have seen so far. “Anger is an expression in the search for love”….that was beautiful and so accurate.

    I wonder… are you religious? And if … so HOW? I have my self derived definition of what evil is. For me the highest level of evil is injustice to a child. That is why I am not too impressed with Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his child for God. I refused to admire that or the God that needs that level of cruelty as a gesture of devotion. But that’s me. Please share yours.
    I found this as I was researching something and wanted to share with you….
    Darkness associated with sin
    Many LDS church documents and church leaders asserted that dark skin was an indication of sin or a curse. One belief held by some LDS members was that skin color of Native Americans would gradually change from dark to light as they repented of their sins.

    Thank you for sharing your story Lemn.

  3. Hi there …! what great story u have shared my dears …! i have been crying seeing what went in ur life trying to find ur family, I’m proud of my dear….! it’s made me cray same time happy because i have gone through same situation finding my mother and sister with little information…this is a rewarding documentary it’s very nice of u to share such a story….! I’m proud of u…..there is no place like home and family….!

  4. Amazing.. such an eye opener. A fellow Brit and habesha. As a christian it saddens me about empty religion. God forbid,may I walk worthy of Him. A truly talented brother,may you flourish in all you do.

  5. A beautiful story – and unbelievable that you managed to come through the system with your integrity intact! May the roads rise up to meet you….. and be filled with love and success for you, your newly found family and all the kids now in care. Happy Christmas…..

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  8. Pretty gut wrenching ..Esp those iron age red buttons .Dont think it got to see them though .All going off at once one night .Along time to watch this.Would of seen it when it was out would of reported it in the 90s .was to busy enjoying the 90s .And not tv , until falling on hard times .Along time after this was made .

  9. Your spirit must be very strong one for you to have achieved so much against odds that most others would crumble under. Loved your choice of music on Desert Island discs today. “Hope” is the heaviest burden a man can carry, but you carry it with dignity. I salute you. Diana

  10. Wishing you a great fulfillment in life. Strength is what I see in you and the power of faith. You are extremely good from your deepest core, nothing could have wiped that out. You are a great man. Needless to say an outstanding poet.

  11. Lemn, Hello. I met you in Borris, at the Writers Festival, Ireland. My daughter is Ethiopian, living here in Ireland.
    It was a pleasure. Paulette

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