The highest light of them all.

It’s been a week full of highlights but this is the highest light of them all.  His name is Jason Smith and he wrote to me out of the blue .  I asked him if I could publish his message in this blog and he said it was okay so here it is.

“In 2000 my friend and i were SeNtEnCeD to TeNyEaRs lMpRiSoNmEnT for oFfEnCeS of robbery. You inspired myself and Geno Boyoh. Do you remembr us ? Our tutors name was iaan (the only cool white south african i ever met) i was released in 2005 i have never looked bak. Ur insperatio397513_346319088816783_1139219726_nn ignited a creative fire within me … I am now a successful artist. After being continuosly rejected by the galleries in oUr cItY i took matters into my own hands and the aMaZiNg,mAjicAl, FaNtAsTiCaL people are LiFtInG me up man. This has all happend since the 1st of  Jan this year……… My life has changed for ever…… I would like to honour you sir……….  Radio 4 came and interview us about writers behind bars. I paint n draw people now chekout my mobile uploads n avalook. See…………man do u really know how powerful your words are……… Dem dungions r dark and deep….very deep yet you a man i didnt even know liberated my soul and set me FrEe………. Yo thankyou man for just being arsed t write…….you change lives lemn sissay.”

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