Nobody Left The Same As When They Came. (2nd event in karachi)

The downpour disappears  as quick as it came and the sunshine lifts spare water back to the sky. It’s  my time to begin. I’m in The Sunflower Room. This event was special, virtually spiritual.  I know that sounds crazy. I know I sound like  a drama loon but honestly it was. We laughed and cried and nobody left the same as when they arrived.karachi Literature Festival

After my event (above)  and come the evening  the many authors ate at a place called Port Grand. It is a “beautified” part of Karachi. There’s similar in LA, Joburg etc.  It was a pleasure to catch up with Farrukh Dhondy and Mahmood Jamal.   The pic above is in The Sunflower Room and so is the one below.

Sunflower Room

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