Edible Street Theatre: Greenwich.

“Business or pleasure ”.   I ‘m stumped. “Bleasure” I say because  it’s my business. And it is my pleasure.  She spreads a healthy  helping of seasoned spicy lamb onto the flat bread.  “my daughter would love you. She wants to be a writer” she says. I say her daughter can be a writer and a doctor, a writer and a lawyer, a writer and a chef. She can have her cake and eat it. Creativity is not the monopoly of artists.  “spicy”  Faye says. I nod IMG_6680and she sprinkles the chilli flakes on the yoghurt  sauce that  slathered the seasoned mince. She folds over the flatbread. It gently grips the mixture inside nudging   time served ingredients to mingle.   Faye passes me the wrap  of heaven. This corner of  Greenwich Market  is a festival  of its own. It has its own eco climate.  The sun rises at breakfast lunch and  dinner. It’s a scones throw from The

Cutty Sark  to feed the hungry seamen and visitors like me.  Smells from aroud the world mingle in the gulley between the food.   This is street theatre  that I can eat.  There’s eleven days to go before my residency at Greenwich and Docklands International Festival begins.   By the time it ends  I’ll have eaten from every stall.  Incr- Edible   street theatre. I like that.    The tweet account of this stall is @victusandbibo

Welcome - Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2013-06-10 16-09-24




2 thoughts on “Edible Street Theatre: Greenwich.

  1. I check your blog, probably every couple of days not always to see if you’ve written something new, most of the time it’s to reread what you’ve already wrote. Not everything, I haven’t had the pleasure to have caught this blog when it started, and I find myself too lazy to go back far enough, but someday. I say this because everything that I’ve read so far, seems to have this effortless beauty to it. Almost as if you’re writing poetry for everday life, everyday, all the time. It’s, well brilliant.

    • Shakia – That’s really kind of you to say. I like your turn of phrase “Writing poetry for everyday life, everyday, all the time. THANKS for what you said. Strange that I’ve just put a couple up. Best WIshes lemn

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