Then Press Send. Why I blog.

IMG_3624With the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and sometimes clunky inadequate prose why do I blog? After all there’s no editor offering improving conversations about developing style, no publisher volunteering critique with an eye on market trend, there’s no picture editor to crop the photos,   there’s not even a  draft process except for a quick check and a  cursory edit:  Then I Press Send.

If ever a colon needed to be irrigated it would be the one in that last sentence.  So why blog:  maybe I’m drunk on self promotion?  Do I think bad writing worth more as a promoting tool than good writing’s worth  in development?   Am I undermining and under-developing  my skills?  Is the need to put out  more prevalent  than the need  to be a good writer? Have I just said the same thing over three sentences? Is there a deeper simpler clearer greater reason lurking under the filmy surface of a tide of posts that lap onto your digital  shores. For your sake and mine there is.  But to find out we need to go into the forest:  Into the tangle of metaphor

IMG_4253This might feel a bit surreal but no more than polishing a mirror when your face is in it, so here it is:   “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” It’s a philosophical question that raises questions regarding observation and knowledge of reality and for me it strikes at the heart of what family is and why I blog.

Family is a series of memories disputed or confirmed (or both) between a group of people over a lifetime.  The tree falls in the forest because you dispute or confirm whether it did or did not.    

Here is part two of this blog.

2 thoughts on “Then Press Send. Why I blog.

  1. H e llllooooo
    Hope you are truly keeping well and fine .
    This recent response sent as I am unsure about how to bare anything creative but I feel the need to release another aspect of my soul ,without
    becoming embarrassed and cringing too much and as You seemed to
    highlight Just Send regardless of g r a m mer r r r
    Your impressive statements and Blogs seem so thought provoking and
    humbling ,please bear with me as not as cultured as yourself .
    My intentions are to continue writing ,become more updated of my current life goals ” before losing the plot” and to recall /reflect a little back to the late 70s,early 80s when I became an conscientious children/young people residential social care worker whom always tried to “make a difference”, as a very lone black worker .
    However needed strategies to recoil/recover back to advanced social care studies and energies into different alternative practices etc. and pressures of juggling being a single mother and home mortgage owner.
    Anyhow considering recent traumatic events particularly close to Bury /nr Manchester where I have lived since the 1960s and short periods Wolverhampton where born ,I find everything even more so humbling. Since currently and recent years my life/career is revolving for over several years now, as Carer for very close members of family , whilst when possible Personal care assistant /casual assistant cycling coach leader for Inclusive Cycling for All. Past four years I still sometimes continue being involved with Hydrotherapy for all people with Neurological problems due to personal experiences.
    Plenty of my waffle now over shall try to spend remainder of today keeping” out of mischief and recharge batteries ” before battle armour on again and juggling between my immediate Family and Extended Families
    Lastly shall as much as possible mull over more blogs as have truly Empathised with your heartfelt experiences particularly from the stage renactment of being in Institutional Care.

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