7 days: Feedback through the snowdrift

thumbnail8Here’s some of the “unrequested” feedback gratefully received over the past 7 days:  Workshop attendee Kizzie Henderson sent a message via facebook

“you taught me my friend sally how to write poetry in a house in devon.  Sally read invisible kisses at my wedding last year.”

And Betsy sent this message to my blog

 “I would just like to say thank you for the lovely story’s and poetry you read for us in holloway prison I was front row the tall one lol I’m out now and have been writing some poetry inspired by you ,you most probably won’t remember us but I just thought I’d let you know how much we all appreciated it the again Betsy xxx” 

A head teacher from a head teachers conference in Kent wrote via facebook

“Thanks for a great end to our National Curriculum Conference. You made me smile. I concur inspire + be inspired :o)”

And a snowdrift defying audience member of  Refugee Boy wrote

“Just wanted to say how awesome and powerful Refugee Boy is. We loved the personal touches, like the paint down the walls. We were both in floods of tears. It was definitely worth braving the M62 for. It gave out such an important message; I wish all the Xenophobic idiots, posting nonsense stories inciting hatred against immigrants, on Facebook, would watch this play and perhaps learn from it. Well done, Lemn. X”

I write an original description of the morning each…. morning.  Cat sent a tweet

“I do love your morning tweets, Lemn”






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