Be A Witness To Your Greatness.


I’m at  the  parliament building of The Northern Ireland Assembly, Stormont,  in Belfast speaking at 10th Anniversary of The Letterbox Club. It’s a national success story.

Carefully selected books, number games and stationary are packaged in a brightly coloured Parcel and posted to each foster child at their home address. It has improved literacy, examination results, concentration skills and broadened horizons of young people in care. Letterbox is one part of the combination to  unlock the potential of foster children. Thanks to Michelle MCllveen Chair of the committee for culture arts and leisure for making this day possible and forgive me for dropping the parcel.  Letterbox club is outstanding because it asks of a child to   be a witness to your greatness.

Photo top: (l to r)    Michelle McIlveen Chair of Committee for Culture Arts and Leisure Northern Ireland, Margaret Kelley director of Fostering  Network,  Liz Canning Booktrust Northern Ireland, 

2 thoughts on “Be A Witness To Your Greatness.

  1. A very enjoyable read and a very important one. I wish we could get this message accross not to just to every child in the country but to every person in the country….if not the world.

    Well done Lemn.

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