Brave New World in Greenwich

There’s a fish tank in Greenwich Waterstones bookshop. A fish tank! I like it.  I ask a staff member how long it’s been there. “Eleven years” she says.  I introduce myself grandiloquently as writer in residence of the  Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.  It sounded so pompous I should’ve rolled my rrrrrr’s.  I tell them about the temporary  café  at Greenwich station with the tweet on top.  “That’s my tweet ”  I say.  “On top of  MVMENT Cafe (?) It won a design award last week.”. I’m looking for common ground. I’m a writer . This is a bookshop.

“ Oh the tweet.” Says Gloria. She Pauses. So do her eyebrows. “I don’t tweet”. I explain that I  do an original tweet every morning and  that a tweet is just a group of words like a book is a group of words.   “But you’re surrounded by words.”  I say    “All these books are simply collections of tweets.” I spread my arms like I think am Doctor ‘freaking’ Doolittle  “This bookshop is a flock  of tweets. A flock.”  It’s gettinIMG_6701g a little intense. “Is MVMNT Café  at the DLR station?” She says and I light up “Yes. YES. that’s the one”.   “I don’t use the station” she says and passes me a card for a Greenwich writers group that meets at the café upstairs.  On the wall next to the window in the cafe   I see a poster and it reads Aldous Huxley  Brave New World. It’s next to a window to the world. I must tweet that. One thing I know is this: Gloria loves books @GreenwichBooks

2 thoughts on “Brave New World in Greenwich

  1. Great to see you this morning, Lemn. What a surprise! Any chance you could join us again some time and stay longer to talk about your writing? There are more of us on a Sunday (the Monday group’s just a few weeks old) and It should have been you talking, not me … Would you please think about coming to lead a poetry class maybe, or just talk generally about your writing? Most of the Greenwich Writers are beginners and I know you’d be really inspiring. You inspire me, I adore your poetry. Take care, Rosie

    • Ofcourse, I’d love to come and see you all. Or you could pop round to see me. I’ll be in a mobile library round the corner from you by Cutty Sark on Sunday I think….

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