Greenwich Means Time or  If Time flies When Your Having Fun Set Your Clocks Back.

Let’s rock the boat of time stop the clock and light
Let’s have nights in the daytime, daytime at night
Let’s do Elevenses at twelve. – that’d be great –
Let’s  do lunch in the morning, brunch at  eight
And we’ll have High tea at nine and  dinner at  ten
If a stranger asks the time we’ll answer them with “when”
we’ll do chores at five to two
And end them at five to two too
We’ll dance on the floor at quarter to four
In bright purple tutus’ too

Time might wait for no “man” but no-one wants it to
When in Greenwich use it unwisely. Always jump the queue
And don’t save time ,  waste it, there’s tons of it around
(In the present it lasts forever if ever you get profound)
We’ll have 99 minutes per hour and 20 seconds per minute
Everyone in the boat race  loses and every one will win it
Lose time and  your train of thought and at the same time lose track
Time Flies when you’re having fun  so set your clocks back
And Let’s rock the boat of time stop the clocks and light
Let’s  have night  in the daytime and daytime in the night


Lemn Sissay is writer in residence at Greenwich and Docklands International  Festival and he will be around throughout.

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