The Whale Transported to The Royal Naval College at Cutty Sark.


The Greenwich whale will  be  open to public view on  the lawns of the Royal Naval College where it will remain until 29 June as part of Greenwich Fair. Little known fact:  since fourteenth century  whales beached in Great Britain are property of The Queen.  The oil from the Sperm Whale is located mainly in its head and was  used as fuel to light up the Victorian streets of Greenwich.

Today a spectacular festival of street theatre begins:   The Greenwich Fair at Cutty Sark Gardens and Island Fair at Island Gardens. Both are Free.  And tonight a  breathtaking performance  As The World Tipped  by Wired Ariel Theatre is on at The National Maritime Museum. I’ll be at The festival all day all night. Find me at The mobile Library near the Whale. I’ll be writing there all day.

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