Help. Something strange is happening to my name

This is a call for help . I’m self conscious about it.   Something strange is happening to my name.  A few months ago if you google  “lemn sissay”  using speech marks  the return number was 185,000 (approx). It has never dropped then something weird and serious started to happen.  Each  week a few thousand drop away.  Today if you google “lemn sissay”  still with speech marks the number is 97,900 which is 20,000 less than it was a week ago.   This pattern continues. I am becoming invisible.

I have no idea what is happening. Is someone spiking me with a twisted algorhythm?  is this conencted to  my websites?  There is only one person with my name in the world. I have two websites. It is distressing.   Is this a personal attack?  What is going on?  And most importantly how can I fix this?   Can you direct me towards a solution?  is there a way to test what is happening?  Do you know somebody who can help?  Any advice is gratefully appreciated. Up until now I have felt cornered by this.


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