The day I met Julian Assange

Julian-Assange-007Thanks to karen via facebook I’m reminded  about the  day I met Julian Assange. It is recorded  in a book called Wikileaks by David Leigh and Luke Harding.   The book is out now and my walk on part starts with Assange picking up an award in London from the free speech group Index on Censorship at Christchurch in Spittlefields. I was charged with looking after Assange. The book picks up from the award.

One of the judges, poet Lemn Sissay, blogged about a typical piece of  showmanship: “We did not know whether Julian Assange… was to turn up to accept. Thankfully he came, a tall, studious man with shock-blonde hair and pale skin. Seconds before stepping on stage he whispered, “Someone may lunge at the stage to present me with a subpoena. I cannot allow them to do this, and shall leave if I see them.”

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