Move and Be Moved.

P1120585I’ve moved.  I’ve been in Zurich all week.  It’s a beautiful city in Switzerland with a vintage necklace of snow tipped mountains.  The lake of the city heats  in summer.   On a whirlwind tour of colleges I’ve given two lectures per day to students between 17 and 21 years. I’ve loved every single moment of every single event and have a picture like the one above from each.

Back in London the documentary film  Mercy Mercy had its UK premier at The Ritzy in Brixton.  Early this year I saw Mercy Mercy and hatched a plan to find a place for it in  London and to sell it out.  I achieved both aims.   I’m even more  proud of The Christmas Dinner and its Crowdfunder campaign – as shown in the column on the  right.   We’ve raised £4,000 in 6 days.  If we raise  the final  £1,000 on Monday we’ll have reached our target in 1 week.  The whole campaign has moved me.


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