The Salander Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of Salander. Salander is  my recent exhibition at The Roundhouse. It is a way of displaying  poetry by young people in care from 28th November to 1st December .   Salander works on the premise that you can not give a voice to young people in care.   They already have a voice.  We must learn how to listen.

I named the exhibition Salander after  the  lead character of  Steig Larsonn’s Girl With A  Dragon Tatoo.  She spoke through silence. The language she used to communicate was computer code!   Poetry is the ancient equivalent of computer code. In Salander the exhibition you hear the young people through their poetry. You hear them through the language of listening.

Fascinated by the nature of performance in poetry  Salander is the performance of reading.   Now we can start  a pictorial walk through the exhibition via the excellent photography of Sheila Burnett.   First the usher will take you to this corridor and then you are on your own.


At the end of the corridor you enter the centre of The Roundhouse. There is a shed. Care leavers are watching.  It  leaks  Gorecki’s symphony number 3.

img_3496You are given a torch. You enter the shed. The door closes behind. You are in pitch black. img_3511

The door closes behind you. Poems by people in care  from Camden and Ealing. You are enveloped by the music and their words. You discover them.


Until after twenty minutes another door opens and the light floods in.


Salander awaits.  Walk towards her.


You walk up to her,  turn the handle,  and leave.

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