IMG_2323Two weeks ago I arrived at 10 downing st.  The guard looked at my invite and said “wrong day” Today I arrived at Latitude festival and the woman at the performers check-in looked at my artist pass, smiled, and said “wrong day”.   I was early both times.  And both  times I’ve fessed up on facebook and twitter.   Lorraine Elizabeth Phoenix said   “fate sent you there today all you need to do is find out why”. So yes why?

I’ve had a booker/agent/PA/manager of one sort or another for twenty years but the last one  left in April. I’ve found another.  We begin working together fully on Tuesday.  For the  three months between then and now I’ve been doing it all myself. I’ve realised only part of  how much a booker/agent/PA/  actually does. They do an incredible job of booking and checking details. They make things happen. Yes but they make things happen smoothly. They offer the greatest gift of all – time.

One common trait between successful people that I have noted  is that they have time or I should say they manage time.  It’s something I’ve noticed. Some people spend a lot of time being busy.  That’s never been my aim.  The successful ones work with time and seem not to be as “busy” as one would think by looking at their output.  I aspire to that way of being.  When people ask “are you busy?” I have a tendency not to reply directly. Busy is such a…. busy word.

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