The Battle of Adwa Anniversary poem.

ADWA was originally commissioned by The Ethiopian Embassy in London. It was filmed in Addis in February 2015 by Aida Muluneh. Adwa is a poem celebrating the victory of the battle of Adwa that took place in the northern region of Ethiopia in 1896 against invading Italian forces. In which, Ethiopia’s win made it the only African country that was not colonized by Europe

7 thoughts on “The Battle of Adwa Anniversary poem.

  1. Normally I would not want to celebrate nationalistic histories. However, when people have been humbled, by the history we are taught of poverty, famine, cultural and physical domination, then it is right to find pride as a response. But we have to acknowledge that the kings of Ethiopia were often as selfish and brutal as those of Europe. The problems of Ethiopia today are the responsibility of Ethiopians, both to blame for and to solve, more than foreigners.

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