Your opinion on a public art poem? #landmarkpoetics

Landmark Poetics in Ethiopia.   This is going to be a massive public art poem in Ethiopia. I have to make my mind up today on the design. Which do you think works best.  I prefer black text on white background. What do you think?  PLEASE let me know.

Front view - B on W

Front view - W on B

Front view - wood grain

51 thoughts on “Your opinion on a public art poem? #landmarkpoetics

  1. Lemn
    I like the organic wood. It includes nature into the building material. And the building material can bring us back to nature.

  2. I agree with you that the first (black on white) is the most profound. The text is the focus and stands out.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. iM sure that Black on white is easier for people who have sight impairments, you could get technical advice from an expert maybe but I am sure white-on-black is difficult for some to read, hope that’s helpful

  4. Hi Lemn – you never stop! It was wonderful to have you in the LitFest programme and I know you connected significantly with many people while you were there.

    Congrats on this project and..

    To your question – I prefer the white background and also the woodgrain one. On the latter though, there be local reasons on how that is received, which you know better than I… the black is too stark imo.

    Good luck… shhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

  5. Prefer the black print on white background – no ornamentation, plain and simple yet makes an impact by being just that

  6. Hi Lemn,
    With the background of the background being white, I prefer white text on black background. I think that way, readability would be best for the whites and blacks are alternated. much respect

  7. Hi Lemn,

    I prefer the third one. Good luck with making the decision. May I ask where the event is held?

    Loved your work about the ”Battle of Adwa”. Extraordinary!


  8. White on the black background frames the words and maybe think about the different light/brightness that it will shine on it in Ethiopia.

  9. I like the white; it seems to make the text clearer, but also reminds me of those overhead projector things, so it seems bland. I also like the black, because I’m drawn to the visual depth of it, which possibly for me, means I will work harder at reading the text. I don’t like the wood/grainy one, I find it too distracting. It’s a beautiful poem, love the arms framing the dream…
    If I had to choose, I’d go for the black because I think it frames your words with more clarity/depth. 🙂

  10. the wooden platform looks beautiful, but considering the readbility of the text I would prefer black text on white background too. which centering the reader on the poem.

  11. Hi Lemn,

    The white text on black is certainly striking – but is it essentially harder to read?

    The wooden one detracts from the words.

    It’s a poem with peace and space within the words – go for the simple black text on white!

  12. I do like the wood grain, I love anything in wood, but I think for impact and readability it has to be the black text on white background.
    Love the poem, always enjoy your stuff… 🙂

  13. It was very cool to hear you read this at the Litfest in Dubai, what an introduction to you. Awesome.
    Yeah black on white.

  14. Black background with with text, we can identify with the blackness, which was there before the light! It will attract a lot of attention

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