Will it be published? You decide.


Amongst all of this stuff I am a poet.  In Autumn I want to deliver you a book of selected poems chosen from each of my collections dating back to 1985. This will offer a clear view of me through the medium I love most.  It will include my favourite poems from  Perceptions of The Pen, Tender Fingers In A Clenched Fist, Rebel Without Applause, The Emperors Watchmaker, Morning Breaks in The Elevator and Listener.

Would you be interested in reading it?  If you think it’s a good idea please click the facebook like button below. Leave a comment should you wish to.  I have edited out my previous suggestion of a target number of likes.  I’m asking this because I need to know if people are interested in the poetry. My last book – Listener – was not as good as it should have been.  Enough Lemn!  It’s up to you for the next book.  My fingers are  crossed.
Photo cover of Listener by Rankin

15 thoughts on “Will it be published? You decide.

  1. Hi Lemn

    I would buy it, read it and share with friends too. On the occasions I’ve had the privilege of meeting you and seeing you speak I have been inspired by your energy, honesty and passion.

    Love and light to you x

  2. My dear Lemn, I just shared your message with all my FB friends. I encourage you to publish your poems. I will buy the collection and cherish every word. You have an amazing talent and a great story to tell. Please keep us inspired. Much love to you.

  3. Publish it!! I would buy it and buy copies for everyone I care about!!!
    Don’t listen to negative ego thoughts believe in yourself and crack on with it!

  4. Yes, Lemm I admire your work, tenacity and spirit. You are a great role model. How about trying to get some crowd funding! Blessings.

  5. I say go for it! You are such an amazing writer and I am truly humbled by anything you decide to share. I will definitely be purchasing your new work. Will you be adding any commentary on why you chose each poem, the emotions you felt while writing it or what it specifically means to you? I think that will add an interesting element to it. I’m wishing you the best Lemn!

  6. Yes please publish your poetry. I’m a Poet too, I love poetry and I really love your dawn poetry as well! Please consider me, and many others, when you say Yes!

  7. Hi lemn
    You are great story teller and poet with abundant charisma! I wiss for your memoirs with poetry.. Something new and big with mass appeal. A collection old won’t do it for me. Thanks for Amazon I can get them now..I have to be honest , you are too young to publish the “the best of lemn” . We have seen your best, we want more of it new . All the best

  8. Hi Lemn
    Well since I have just spoken to my thirteen year old son about yourself,My memories of you sitting on Warrens wall @ Cambridge st,Atherton.To what you have done and do now.Most definatley I would buy your book (and share it with him).

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