The Man on The Moon.

Poetry is a strange and powerful thing. It is closer to me than family.  This book is my first and only children’s book. It’s called The Emperor’s Watchmaker. It was published in 2,000 by Bloomsbury and sold out.

. “Hugely enjoyable, inventive and funny and touching” said the Guardian. “A remarkable debut” said the financial times. My agent left shortly after and the book sold out but wasn’t republished for reasons beyond my comprehension.


There’s a poem in The Emperor called  “The Man on The Moon” and I realize now – only now –  that the poem is about my  morning tweets.  The illustrations are by Gail Newey.

IMG_7562 IMG_7559_2

4 thoughts on “The Man on The Moon.

  1. WOW! I love the moon and now I know there is such an amazing dude on the moon I will be even more enthralled !
    Thankyou for all your morning FB posts it’s part my ritual start to day

  2. Bewitchingly lovely, for adults & children alike, (good literature is good literature)! Lifts you up, into and beyond.

  3. 8th July 2018

    Often wondered where all the daylight went…now I know.

    Heard it for the first time on Radio 4 today and was completely captivated by the imagery!

    Many thanks for sharing such a bewitching idea!

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