This post is for UK referendum voters:

Hi my name is Lemn and I’m  European.  No no no!  I am an English man. No!  I am an Ethiopian.   No!  I am a black man. No! I am a human being.  No! I’m a Mancunian. No! I am a Wiganer. No! I am a londoner. No! I am a citizen of Hackney! No I am Chancellor. No no no! I am Spartacus. No I am Spartacus.   I try not to think about what I am.   It’s so much better to be what you are rather than say what you are.  I said the same to the woman who told me how she found it difficult to be humble and beautiful.

I  certainly don’t wake up of a morning  look in the mirror and say “ahh yes an English man” or “Look a fine figure of Ethiopia”.  I don’t wake up and consider myself a  human being  either.  And neither do you.  I wake up. That’s what I do.  And that’s what I am asking of you to do.  Otherwise we’ll have all kinds of people telling us who we are and what we should think?    If you’re troubled whether to stay or leave Europe please watch this lucid presentation by Professor Michael Dougan of The University of Liverpool.

And just as a reminder the referendum question on Thursday is  “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

4 thoughts on “This post is for UK referendum voters:

  1. It’s a big decision in our history.
    Whatever the outcome, it will be affecting the next generations for years to come.

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