I was speaking at an academic conference in Plymouth University. The conference  was called “Beyond Words:  Privileging the Unspoken Arts & Communities in a Posthuman World”.  After an hours speech and Q and A an audience member asked me to read a poem.  A woman stood  up and  walked out.  As she passed  I asked  why she was going. She said   “I HATE POETRY”.   The whole thing was very very funny and caught on film.

17 thoughts on “I HATE POETRY

  1. But you didn’t say “where are you going?”

    You said “see you” and nicely too.

    If you managed to read a poem after that, you did very well.

  2. My score is 10+. Must be taken as an example of great public speaking on how to successfully handle a QA session. The whole thing was indeed hilarious.

  3. That is so bizzarre I saw this on twitter but couldn’t understand what was said. Fairplay lemn your a genius for dismantling her actions in the way you did. She seemed nice though otherwise .Was it her impetuous anarchy you fancied? I’m giggling at this.

    • She was dead nice. She didn’t leave because she hates poetry. I think she left because it seemed a good break from what was a very emotional speech which touched the whole room. I can’t blame her.

      • Well that’s understandable. Your right there’s no blame. However had she stayed – she may now love poetry!
        Oh- sorry for extended reply – this reminds me of Maya angelou describing how during her stage of being “Mute” as a child for reasons you may know. A lady would read poetry to her over and over and one day exclaimed “maya – you will never love poetry untill it rolls off of your tongue – through your lips”

  4. Love how comfortably she said she hates pottery in front of world renowned poet and I love even more how lightly you took that comment. You both seem ok with your feelings

  5. That was a perfect example of free speech !May we continue to live in a world where we are free to differ.However I am sure she was joking .Keep on smiling and speading sunshine xxx

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