The Duchess of Cambridge at The Foundling Museum

At 11am a bank of photographers and TV crews await the Royal arrival at The Foundling Museum.  I am inside,  in the court room with three incredible artists: Cornelia Parker, Yinka Shonibare and Jodie Carey.   The princess arrives and speaks to the  press.

And then she enters and views  the art with Museum Director Caro Howell
The princess enjoys taking part in the education work of The Foundling Museum with some very focused little children.

And then The duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton entered the court room.  She worked her way effortlessly, generously,  around the space. We all had a pre-arranged one-on-one.  But best of all she spoke  with a group of trainee museum curators who were care experienced young people.  Here they are with Yinka Shonibare MBE in the centre. 
And then she gave a surprisingly  emotional speech. The pregnant princess in a place  where distressed mothers would leave their children for adoption:  The Foundling Museum . After she left  I hot-footed  to Westminster and read poems to six hundred GCSE Students at The Emmanuel Centre.  My day’s done.

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