A Waterfall of Words at Foyles

Futurecity conceives, develops and delivers major art projects worldwide that signify the Cultural City. I’ve worked with Futurecity on many ocassions through its visionary mark Davy. They commissioned a a sculpture around my poem Guilt of Cain in The  City of London as featured in todays Big Issue and which was unveiled by Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Future City commissioned   People and Places which is a  photography book and exhibition at Southbank Tower with the legendary photographer Steve McCurry

Futurecity curate the gallery on the  fifth floor of Foyles in Charing Cross.  On 6th floor on Sept 4th   I presented My Name Is Why 

On every floor  of Foyles Flagship Store on Charing Cross Road  my words swirl from the ground for 50 metres upwards via the glass staircase. Futurecity made it happen in three weeks. And here’s how it looked.

Curated by Futurecity Designed by   @hattrick_design. Printed&installed by
@concordegraphic. Sponsored by Foyles &  @canongatebooks.

7 thoughts on “A Waterfall of Words at Foyles

  1. Thanks to Lemn Sissay for sharing this. Foyles has improved a great deal since I worked in their Education Suppliers in 1957.

    • Foyles has always been one of my loves, first went their in the 70’s when there was piles of books stacked on the floors. It was a antiquated and beautiful. Filled me with awe. I bought a book called Bürolandschaft – a movement from the 50’s about office landscaping. As a school student I worked as an office cleaner to earn some money. I was fascinated by the large expanses of open plan offices and large expanses of desks which had a life, community of its own in working hours. And another book about Lord Alfred Robens chair of the coal board during the time my dad worked their when we still lived in Scotland. So much to learn, so much to know.

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