How to make the dark nights shine.

On October 11th at 6.30pm  I will be upstairs in a Deli called Palm 2  in East London.   It is the first meeting of The East London Christmas Dinner steering group.  Please come.  We’ll be creating a Christmas Dinner for care leavers between the ages of 18 and 25  on Christmas Day in Hackney. 

There are Christmas Dinner steering groups  taking place throughout the country.  As winter nights draw in you will find these  meetings are a beacon of light and warmth and openess and action.  They are all  independent.  All the information you need  is  on The Christmas Dinners Website.

It all started in 2013 with one christmas dinner in Manchester.  In 2018  there were seventeen Christmas Dinners   from Canterbury to Manchester and  Richmond to Leeds.  The Gold From The Stone Foundation will support your Christmas Dinner.  Write to admin at goldfromthestone dot co dot uk.

The Christmas Dinners  are the best

Christmas can be difficult.  I got my Christmas back by getting involved in The Christmas Dinner project. I didn’t realise helping others would ultimately help me.  If  you re in Hackney this Friday come to Palm 2 –  I will see you there.

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