News just in: WORLDWIDE documentary film this weekend.

I can’t reach out to all the people I know around the world – friends, family and  fans – in time so this is the best way.  On BBC World News channel this weekend  part one of two documentaries on my life.   Here are the details.

Also on Saturday 10th I am reading from My Name Is Why here.An evening With Lemn Sissay


2 thoughts on “News just in: WORLDWIDE documentary film this weekend.

  1. I just finished reading My name is why. Devastating but not surprising to me. I have, as a teacher and SENCO been responsible for Looked After Children in school. I have witnessed first hand how easily these young people can be misrepresented and misunderstood. Lemn’s story is horrifying for the exposure of cruelty, violence and lack of vital human affection, patience and constancy. I am retired now but I will never forget the children who I championed and tried to defend against the harshness of institutions and imposed rules. One day we have to do so much better with all these precious lives.

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