Tinie Tempah and Eighteen Christmas Dinners

Each Christmas Dinner for care leavers is organised and run by people in the community where it is taking place. Lawyers, doctors, executive assistants, swimming instructors or unemployed meet to source and coordinate presents, food, transport, venue, volunteers and guests for Christmas Day. But this year is different. We can’t actually have a Christmas Dinner for care leavers can we?

(photo NME). TINIE TEMPAH matched every donation to the Hackney Christmas Dinner for Care Leavers.


People are incredible. I will tell you about Tinie Tempah later in this article.  Last year there were seventeen Christmas Dinners across the country for care leavers aged between 18 and 25. They all run independently.   October is when steering groups start their meetings. I thought it wouldn’t be happening this year but it is because there is more need now than ever and because, like I said, people are incredible!

This year there are eighteen Christmas Dinners happening for Care Leavers on Christmas Day from Bradford to Manchester, Richmond to Ellesmere Port. Twelve!   The steering groups are meeting via zoom. 


The full list of dinners is here  There are two new Christmas Dinners, one in Salford and one in South London. Here in this link to The Christmas Dinners website. Click on the city and it will show you if it is running this year. You will  see  the corresponding Facebook or Twitter page.

The Christmas Dinner steering groups are working on Christmas hampers, food and presents. Stockport, for example, has already set up an Amazon Wishlist. Like many of the Christmas Dinners  the  Hackney steering group are raising money. Theyfeature in The Hackney Gazette today!

There have been many highlights but for me this one tops them all. It’s from Tinie Tempah. It came in this week to the Hackney Christmas Dinner team.

The money is vital  but the spirit is invaluable.   With this kind of support cheering on steering groups and donors across the country we can only keep going through this pandemic helping those who are in need.  Proud to announce that Sally Lindsay will be the patron for The Gold From The Stone Foundation who support The Christmas Dinners


My deepest respect goes out to every single one of the volunteers and donors.  If you would like to get involved check out the christmas dinners.  Maybe you work for a company who have presents or food to offer for The Christmas Hampers or maybe you just want to see what it’s like when a group of people get together to make a difference.  Let us know via the website. Thanks for reading my blog.  Look after your self and others. Love Lemn.

This article was changed two days after posting.OriginalIy I wrote that there were 12 Christmas Dinners.There are presently eighteen and they are listed on the website.



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  1. This is something needs to be supported in the best way.

    I will discuss with work other like minded people and friends to support over the next two months
    Especially with care leavers I know

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