64 Million Artists and A Record of Records.

Happy New Year.  It has been a strange one but I hope this cheers you up a bit.  January can be the best month of the year because The January Challenge lifts the spirit!

We have curated a creative challenge per day.  There are tens of thousands of participants right now.


Todays challenge (Monday)  was to write an internal weather forecast.

And on Sunday the challenge was to find love out of materials and things.

Experience the wave of creativity every day. Join in! #64millionartists #Thejanuarychallenge.

On a less creative note I keep records.   I have two diaries; patchy commentary circa 1981 & 1983 and since 1985 I have yearly records of press, letters poems manuscripts, play scripts.This is a glimpse…..

And this is the baggage  I am throwing away. How much clutter do we keep? Now all I need is a shredder.

Happy New Year. Sorry if this blog is a bit boring. I write in lieu of family for the record. So I tell myself. But I am getting to a point in life where friends are losing theirs. I have begrudged them their families from very early on in my life. I am mistaken in doing so. I watched them leave school and travel away from their families. And then return. I watched them marry and saw their families gather. I watched them create children and reflect on their parents. I watched some of them divorce and re-marry. And now I watch them lose their loved ones. Sometimes it feels I’ve lived life back to front. Denying that I can’t miss what I never had. We move forward don’t we. Regardless. And COVID reminds that what I do with what I have is what matters. Memory collates regardless. We shred memories. We hold on to some.

1 thought on “64 Million Artists and A Record of Records.

  1. “And COVID reminds that what I do with what I have is what matters”.
    Lemn, I’ve just looked at your website and blog for the first time, having heard you recently on Desert Island Discs. I’ve read plenty of your inspirational posts already, but that sentence is amazing. Thank you

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