Lucky Hollow

I take the five hour hour journey from one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world to Lilliput. I have two matchsticks holding my eyes open. The moment the car moves skirts off the motorway it is as if I have moved into my past. Memories are everywhere, on every street corner of leigh, this angry little town. It’s the kind of place that people in the cities are barely aware of. But it’s towns like this one that Thatcher was determined to break in the eighties – the mill town and pit towns. My towns. Read more [...]

Strange Fruit

I’d met a few, but circumstances of childhood meant that I didn’t really know a black person until I was seventeen. I was known throughout the Lilliputian mill and pit towns of Leigh Atherton and Tyldsley as Chalky White. This became shortened to Chalky. And apparently I had a “lovely smile”. I was reminded daily that with a smile like mine you could “see me in the dark”. Read more [...]