When I do a reading at the request of some organisation I don’t regard spending my time chasing payment as a part of the deal. It’s just not fair. Its the principle of it. And its been fun. Like a poke in the eye with a wet stick.. That kind of fun. Meanwhile  Battersea Arts Centre  have asked me to do a five minute piece on The Fire of London which will be up and going at the theatre in Mid September. Camden Libraries asked me to chair a black writing debate which I’ll do on 30th October. I’ve left my live gigs administrator so it means administrating all this stuff myself. And though I no longer have to give fifteen percent of my fee to him its still hard work and it distracts from my primary responibility as a writer – to write.  That’s my excuse anyway.

Writers Log.

Star date four ten two zero zero six on Star Ship  Enterprise: So far I have not written anything creative. Stars  zooming past at  alarming rate. Possibly being sucked into black hole. There are many clingons that have locked onto the ship. Must write. Oxygen
near emergency levels.

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