Off To Spain

“Hurray Hurray It’s a holi-holiday/ What a world of fun/for everyone/Holi Holiday”
Boney M.
In some ways the comforting words Allahu Akbar may not be so comforting on easyjet.
How come saying Allah is Great  has become an international threat.  I  wonder what the reaction would be  if  on my easyjet flight to Alicante I shouted in the language of the Koran  “Allahu Akbar” would people say “yes lad he is, now shut up”.   It is more likely that they start screaming and trying to overpower me by beating me over the head with their duty free beer. That a fudamental  phrase (to Muslims) has been demonised is
another notch for Christians makes me sick.

Christians have been saying God is Great for a long time. And not only have they been saying god is great but they have done some unmentionable things in the name of His greatness. The double standards are incredible. And the absolute bare faced-ness of the
church.  “HUG A MUSLIM” shout the guardians of the christian church through well tinned press releases. Meanwhile their congregations are trying to hide behind their pughs in case anything goes off.  And planes fly above the church spires on their way to bomb the hell out of a muslim somewhere.

If martians were to land in Britain today they would scan our history and look at the state of the world as it is and come to the conclusion that they have landed in the middle of a christian Muslim world war.   This is how historians will see it in the future.

Anyway, I am off to Spain tomorrow. It’s a country with both Muslim and Christian influence. But I will be influenced more by the wine. We’ve hired a villa. As a non believer I may not see the flashing light of god on the road to Damascus, but I will see the flashing light of my torch on the way to the wine cellar. I’ll be back on 24th.

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