Hotel in the sky

I am in the middle of the sky. melbourne soccer stadium is the size of my thumb. There is a skyscraper below me and I can see the swimming pool on its roof top and an ant is making criss cross marks on its length. I am in the middle of the sky and yet I am
in an air conditioned room. I am offered ten television channels, twenty movies, a telephone a desk, a king sized bed, a flat screen tv, a showwer a toilet, surround sound speakers, automated lighting, plush carpets, a paper delivered each day beautiful seats, embossed letter headed paper, bespoke chocolate chip cookies, two kinds of beer times
four, minature whisky gin vodka, two bottles of chilled champagne one bottle of red wine, the concierge offers information on anything – and I mean anything – that i would want.  I’m in the middle of the sky with a view that stretches out to a sleepy sun. And the sky seems in early evening like it has been whipped red raw. It’s all beautiful. I have got all of this. I am so far up in this hotel, that my ears pop in the lift.  But I can’t open the window and breath the air.

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