Lomography. Click with it.

Lomography at the South bank. Click. Amira is the  boss of the Lomograph project.
  In answer to my intrusive and obvious but well intentioned question she says in a   syrupy voice  “I am from Vienna”  . Click. She sucks on a cigarette with  what could seem like disdain but is    actually her total immersion in the project at hand –  trading places and  the Lower Marshes wall outside the festival hall.Click.  Today  it  was   featured in the centre pages of the Guardian Newspaper.  Click. Click She has what my    Parisian sister has: Chic and I like it.  Click. If any family members are reading this I am talking of Teguest.Click.

Amira is transfixed  in the idea that the Lomography   project should be perfect. Click. She is  in a sort of matrix/tai chi/zone.  She   sips her  latte gently attaches it back to the table. “And lemn I want to   give you a camera so you can be part of Lomography”. Click.  Amira beckons one of her  workers to give me a camera. It is the coolest thing. I still haven’t opened   the box. It rests on my kitchen table.  It seems that lomography is all   about the action, the process of taking a picture. And I suppose the process of   unwrapping is it too. I only want to get the thing out when I have time to read   instructions.Click.

I still haven’t unwrapped  the freakin camera. Click. Wind. Some   people say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Click.  I despise the phrase. Click.    Truth is, a  thousand words speaks a million pictures. Click click.  Get that    developed at the chemist take it home and put it in the album and show it to     your friends. Click.

But I enjoy taking pictures and rather than the two dimensional digital process this is stimulating and attractive. Click. The actual photos come out in a perfect square and the effect of   the camera on its subject is very, very particular.Click.  I shall   open with care and click with it in the hope it clicks with me.

Click with it and it may click with you. Click.  Lomography gives breath to my phrase “It ain’t where you go, it’s where   you’re at”. Click. I’m loving this residency at the south bank.    Click.  A week of art. Click. In the fae of the world. Click.  Wind. Click. Develop the picture.

1 thought on “Lomography. Click with it.

  1. hmmm, quite a nice little idea, the site is great – go at random to people's snapshot worlds. do you reckon the camera is what has made it obviously such a 'hip' thing? it's doesn' look like uncool people are joining in. i still have a film camera in my bag at all times with some black and white high street film in it. and i still like the shots from it. that said the project just done in hull used both small digitial cameras and disposable film cameras (where i wasn't confident about getting the camera back) and both sets of photos have their strong points. i think for the snapshot part to work people have to feel able to blow their way through a lot of film without worrying about it and actually that is a far bit of cash compared to the nothing that is the cost of digital. i think the problem with digital is too many people just keep them on a pc and don't 'use' them. prints are nice you can hold onto them and pin them on your wall. i wonder where the project goes from here though – does it have a life beyond a very imaginative way of selling the cameras?
    see you in a couple of weeks

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