It’s all relative

This is a message to the hundreds of people whom from around the world have written to me as a result of the article on the world service

Firstly I must apologise for not having written  individually but I couldn’t answer many of the queries.  Many of  your compassionate and heart felt  emails brought me to tears. Those and many others also gave me a sense of triumph and support.

For those who are in search of their parents I will say  this. Finding a parent or a member of family is not in practical terms a difficult thing  to do.   The  terrifyingly climactic journey is not the practical journey of piecing things together, but the emotional one.   This may be of no help but there is not one person, who has contacted me over the past twenty years, who  searching for their parents has not found them. But once you find them it’s  the beginning of the journey rather than  the end.

To the people who are wondering how I am – I am well. I take each day as it comes as best I can. Like the  most of us, living in the present is the desired state. That is to live in the present without denying the past and in anticipation of the brightness of the  moment.  Here is the artist.  It  came to  mind, some time ago now, that  I don’t want to survive any more. I want to live. And I do.

I just want to thank you for contacting me and wish you well on your journey that each person you come across has the same pleasure that you have given to me in your email. Should you ever want to catch up with me or should I be coming to your country it shall be on my website here. Good Wishes.

3 thoughts on “It’s all relative

  1. Selam, Greetings to you, Dear Lemn:
    I am one of your country men, a poet-laywright. I was moved by your story of adoption. I liked your poem a lot. Lots of original images such as “you can't sell a leaft to a tree”. In fact, this could pass as a proverb. You sure are a poet. Remember that the experience you went through is the driving force and the raw material for your creativity if you channel it properly. I am glad to learn that you haven't forgotten your Ethiopianess. I would like to commnicate with you. you have my email address.
    Fikre Tolossa, Ph. D.

  2. Selam, Dear Lemn:
    I am so sorry for the delayed response. I just found out your letter to me. It is now late at night. I will reach you over the weekend.
    By now for now.
    Fikre Tolossa

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