Dave Haslam The DJ

I’m still in Mancehster.  This morning I go to Fuel which was my writers café in manchester.. My very very good friend Dave Haslam http://www.davehaslam.com/ is there. Dave is  the DJ once of the hacienda and now writer and novelist for fourth estate who has a new radio programme in manchester on XFM http://www.manchesterad.com/html/interviews/haslam0.php  which has 30 thousand listeners each week. Meanwhile Dave teaches at Salford University – he teaches because he loves it. He has no need to do it for the money.Absolutely brilliant. 

Then I met with Paul Sapin, the fim maker and producer – we are putting together a documentary.   

If only we got to realise in  that it is us that are the presents, in all our wrapping. If only for one day per year we unwrapped and presented ourselves as the present – what a wonderful thing that would be. Merry Christmas Manchester! I’m off to London.

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