Manchester Writer Dies Today.

Cultureword has been based in Manchester for twenty years. The Job of Cultureword is to promote support and encourage black writers based in the North West of England.  It’s ideals are no better embodied by the  skill intimacy and eloquence of the writing and performances of Dike Omeje who died today. His book Mindfield is published by Cheers Ta Press in Manchester.


1 thought on “Manchester Writer Dies Today.

  1. I only met Dike once; we were on the same bill at a gig in Penzance last year. He was a truly gifted writer and performer and we had a great party afterwards in the bar until the early hours of the morning. When I was last in Manchester I saw him as I was crossing the square; I wish I'd shouted hello. Respect Dike, wherever you are.
    and heh Lemn… you are a great writer & performer too. Saw you in Cornwall; have one of your publications from about '84. I'm a Mancunian now by the SW sea.

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