The Saracens Head

It’s 8am and I’m at  the ITN offices to do the final voice over for a documentary
about slavery which I am presenting for Granada TV , North West.   It’ll be broadcast on Wednesday.  

It’s 3pm and I’m on a train to Nottingham from Kings Cross.  I travel to and check in to The
Saracens Head. It’s a pub restaurant hotel thingy. I can’t tell you how shattered I am.  Shattered means tired. The Saracens head in southwell is where King Charles stayed before he travelled to London to be beheaded. Nice. I think he’d have had a more peaceful time than I. The hotel is full with a wedding party and I seriously think that everyone at the party doesn’t like each other. I could be projecting. They are all horrendously drunk.  Everyone is a type at the wedding social Ahh the unification of it all. This place was built in 12th century.  I do a reading at the library nearby.  It’s full, much to the organisers surprise – he nearly cancelled a few days ago. Cheeky sod.

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