Professor of English At Virginia Tech.

Watching TV the previous week I saw    Lucinda Roy   now Professor of English at the same university at Virginia Tech.   Professor  Roy taught and was disturbed by the writings of  Seung-Hui Cho the murderer at Virginia Tech.  About fifteen years ago I  read poetry at Lucinda’s book launch in London. She was published by my first publishers Bogle L’ouverture.  First time I’ve seen her since then.

I’m at The Jurys Inn in Cork, Ireland. My room overlooks the River Lee. Last night it was  as dark as guiness and just beneath the glassy surface a group of salmon. Beautiful.  It is a cliché but people are more friendly here in Ireland.  Or maybe that’s me being more receptive when I’m away.  It’s raining in Cork today and I’ve only brought t-shirts as it was so hot in London. 

6 thoughts on “Professor of English At Virginia Tech.

  1. Lemn,
    Cork is one of those magic places. I've traveled quite a bit but never enjoyed the kind of open-arms welcome I received when I visited during the soul music festival several years ago. Break a leg (not in a pub!) Enjoy!

  2. Okey dokey Mr Lemn Juice….so it seems as if you are not completely in the light or dark? You are indeed not wrong and might infact be right that I am not a family member but then again, it might also be the case that through you, someone in your family is not completely unknown to me either, although it may be the case that she, like you, might justifiably need a one hell of a mighty prod to remember me as I only just a known and am really very close to being a completely unknown…if not a totally unknown unknown.

  3. You've met one of my family members. If it is in this country it can only be one of two people of my family that have visited this country – england. That'll be either aunt alemash or my sister tsahaiwork. Put me out of my misery – would knowing your second name help? It's definitely Manchester.

  4. Sorry Lemn. I think I got a bit carried away with being mysterious! Will write you a proper e-mail and explain all soon. Funnily enough I am travelling to Ethiopia tomorrow so may write to you from there.

  5. No problem. This is fun. Welcome to my world. I have realised who you are. I think you are a microbiologist (or something to do with food and nutrients) and that is what takes you around the world. I think you went to Mali and I think you met my sister in Addis iin Ethiopia some years ago now. You used to send emails about your travails. Am I right or am I right.

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