Some sayings from OLA

Yesterday I performed at a conference in Leicester. The a few days later I  received this mail:

“Happy birthday I notice no great write up on your blog about the conference in Loughborough!!  Just joking –  you share your birthday with my twin nieces.  Have a good day

To cheer you up will send you some wonderful Jamaican sayings take yr pick.

‘De older de moon de brighter it shine/De older de clock de faster it wind’– the older you are the wiser your knowledge

‘Betta short a pence than short a sense’ – wisdom should be valued much more than

In good old Jamaican tradition a little pessimism can’t hurt.

 ‘Chicken merry; hawk deh near’ – even when you are feeling your’e happiest, be wary of what might be lurking around the corner.


Ola Spence”

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