Get picked up by car at South bank  and at 3pm arrive  at one of the most famous
buildings in Broadcasting – White City The BBC at White City West London. I’m
on The Simon Mayo Programme to review two books. Both Authors are in the studio
. But the reception is fascinating.  In the space of ten minutes I see Simon Pegg
walk past. I see  Colin Jackson  doing a piece to camera. And in a surreal moment three different Elvis’s in full sparkely white jumpsuit walk across the courtyard. Three Elvises in white city.

I’m in the studio,  The books are Biyi Bandelas Burma Boy and Douglas Kennedys The Woman in the Fifth.   I am  nervous,  the writers are actually here, in front of us.  Eyeball to eyeball, mano to mano.  There’s two other much more experienced reviewers and regulars of the programme, Louise Doughty and Joel Morris. When I was asked by a producer to do this job I said to her  “I just want you to know that I didn’t go to university and I have not got a formal education into the classics or the cannon.  So when I launch
into my review of Kennedys book I am more than pleased as I responds  “I think you deserve a nobel prize for criticism”.  The programme was broadcast to two million people, live, and you can hear our contribution here.

A Mercedes speeds from west London to east,  back to My home.

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