The Guardian of my past

For those who have visited as a result of the Guardian article  apologies for this strange reflection. There’s an interesting article in  Guardan technology today , a  section  called celebrity squares,  about my favourite piece of technology.  Here is one question and answer from the article.

“When was the last time you used it, and what for?

I used it just yesterday to describe a visit, 300 miles from home, to a cemetery at the foot of a hill in a village on a road called Lovers Lane, for a boy I knew in the children’s home whose parents were from Egypt and who hanged himself at the tender age of 32, and was
being buried by his lover.”

For those of you who’ve  read the guardian article the exerpt above talks of the blog entry entitled Lucky Hollow. If you put Lucky Hollow into the search engine on the left hand side of this blog page you will find it.  Hope that’s clear.    For those that have not read the guardian piece, can you guess from that one question above, what my favourite piece of technology is?  It is not SAT NAV. Tell me what you think it is and then,   for those of you who  want to see click here


4 thoughts on “The Guardian of my past

  1. that was an interesting comment:
    “it is all in the act”
    not that this should sound like a continuation of the interview, but I am curious to know what you think the power of writing is. I recently started a blog of my own and find it difficult to dissociate from a train of thought that blogging is narcissistic.

  2. I looked in the dictionary to find what nnarcissism is and here was the answer
    “inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.”
    and then i looked up inordinate” and here was the answer
    “not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive: He drank an inordinate amount of wine.”
    I nearly looked in the dictionary for the words “proper” and the words “reasonable” but then found myself getting lost in the definition of narcissism which in itself felt a little narcissistic cept for the fact I was trying to answer your question. I have a question for you – where can I read your blog? If you think blogging is narcissistic then it is. If you have a reasonable reason to blog then it isn't. Whichever you do, smile.

  3. 🙂
    well…I will stick to answering your questions for now, because I am curious to recieve your responses, though it first seemed your inquiring thoughts were somewhat rhetorical. the reasons I blog are in a continium …some of it has to do with letting out internal energy to get release from it…part of it has to do with attempting to express the mess of ethiopia's identity…. (if asked “what is ethiopia?” i would respond a country with a deep identity crisis, with people walking atop frozen seas at dawn of spring.) and part of it has to do with channelling a creative urge…
    why is it that you blog?

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