Keep On Keeping On

This is from someone was in “care” like I was in “care”.  I met him a while ago at a gig. This is part of why I do what I do. It’s not rare to receive such emails but this I want to share. I asked him if it was okay to do this and he said yes.

“you probably don’t remember me but we met once and you gave me 2 of your books
and signed them for me in one you wrote “keep on keeping on, peace” so i did, when i met you i had no qualifications no job and just drifted through life on a cloud of pure luck. a short while after meeting you i was offered a job by a man i knew from the pub and i’m now a junior software developer. the reason i’m saying thank you is because reading those 2 books day in day out all the time made me realise that i need to actualy get out there and do it. i am now on the road to a fantastic career and hopefully a better way of seeing the world. (when i met you i walked up to you and asked you “how the hell do you
do that” now i know)”

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