Missing Person Appeal

Peal Beasley runs 57 Productions probably Britain’s largest privately run live poetry promoter. Please read below.

Dear Lemn,

many thanks for yours.

As you know we are mounting a campaign for our 17 year old son Joshua who went missing in Greenwich on Christmas eve.

At the moment we’re desperate for a sighting of Josh after he’s left the ice rink (early evening) – so if you could send info. out round your  network asking people if they were in or around Greenwich on Xmas Eve and may have seen Josh to phone the police or Crimestoppers immediately – and if they weren’t there to post through this request to their friends.

Any information at this stage, however small, would be v. welcome.

The Police number is 0208 721 4868 and Crimestoppers is 0800 555 111

There is a myspace page: www.myspace.com/joshbeasleymissing http://www.myspace.com/joshbeasleymissing (police poster can be taken
from here) and a facebook page: http://bristol.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20122144440

Thanks for your support XXX.

Good wishes

Ruth, Rowan and Paul

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