Village People

Drove to Santa Monica today down Santa Monica Boulevard and onwards to Malibu.  Not totally sure why, but the sun was hot and the sea was blue. Either seemed  like as
good a reason as any.  Walked the boardwalk and ate shrimp.  Saw the slightly empty beaches of Malibu and got to watch how  Americans do R and R.  Americans work hard and so they know how to kick back.  Skate boarders jumped over things and the new craze to climb things and jump randomly off things has definitely taken hold. Skaters skated, bikers biked, power walkers power walked, weight lifters lifted.   

Food chains are all over the place. Not the ones we know in UK but others;  In and Out, Carls, Jack In The Box Taco Bell. These companies with their bright brash logos are tattooed on the long arms of freeways and boulevards throughout the state.  The quality of what in England we call fast food leaves the UK wanting. I swear.    On the way back , we,
the journalist and I,  stopped at a retail village for some retail therapy. Nice.  Very Nice. Very Nice indeed. Though it was called a retail village it was larger than any freakin village I’ve ever sen.

1 thought on “Village People

  1. He, Lemn,
    Glad to read you got over to the Pacific and Venice Beach.
    Next,how about heading over to Little Ethiopia for some food?
    I loved your workshops at CALSTATELA .Very inspiring, energetic and unforgettable.Today I searched for your poetry at the campus bookstore. Before you leave, L.A. I want to get your book signed.
    You're the poet that sacked the quarterback.
    You're the barefoot teacher who gave us flip flops
    You're the inspiration for flying like the eagle does
    You're the Brit that out does hip hop
    Your student in life, Marion M

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