Meltdown and George Bush

Meltdown weekend is descending upon us. And this one is run by Massive Attack. Meltdown is a series of events at The South Bank curated by a famed and respected musician/poet.  I have done a few over the years. I did the Patti Smith Meltdown last year and I read at the Lee Scratch Perry Meltdown a few years before that.  Reprieve has been chosen as the charity partner for Meltdown: they campaign to  free prisoners on death row in America  Reprieve are run by Clive Stafford Smith who freed Guantanamo Prisoner  Moazzam Begg.  I shall be at the screening of Alex Gibney’s Academy Award winning documentary about the murder of an Afghan taxi driver, in US custody at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan.    Out of the blue, today I receive a call from Reprieve   “George Bush is coming to London, on Sunday” smack bang in the middle of Meltdown on the day of the screening.  Campaigners are afoot.  The troops are being rallied. It’s all rock and roll, baby.

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