Phsyco Buildings

10am.   I biked my way to the South bank this morning to Shout From The Rooftops of the Phsyco Buildings Exhibition at The Hayward gallery.  I read Let There be Peace, Architechture and Invisible Kisses at 1pm 3pm and 5pm from the bridge between the Hayward and the QEH.  The sound man had an attitude.

All three events were filmed by Megan for The Babycow Productions/Sky TV piece.   Met  Hal Wake director of the Vancouver Literature festival –  one of the most exciting literature festivals that I have ever been to.  He is warm, friendly and wise,  knows most people in the literature festival world and has invited me to Vancouver in 2009, which is cool, but I already knew that.

Hal is interviewed by Megan for the programme.  I do a quick interview with the New Zealand Herald say my hellos and goodbyes.   What happened today, my reading poems mid air on a bridge to an audience below was part of my trying to show that the entire idea. It has something to do with poems finding their space outside of the book. Poems as fluid landmarks.  Today, the poem Arcitechture, years after it was read, truly found its space.  I get on my bike  and go home.

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