Roger Robinson Rocks The British Library and Scroobius Pip

Tonight I was MC at The British Library in Kings Cross  for the launch of their Taking Liberties exhibition and events programme  which lasts from tonight  until March 2009.  It was a great gig with  some very special performers: Scroobius Pip vs Dan Le SacEliza
and Saul Rose, The Levellers, Roger Robinson and The Shout.  

Event over I gets on my bike as you do in my rock and roll world and after stopping off for a kebab in Islington I  continue home only to realise that I had left my bag at The Kebab joint. So I turn around and after a minute right infront of me coming in the opposite direction a motorbike crashes  into a drunk guy trying to cross the road.

It was clearly the fault of the poor drunk guy. The Motorbike pipped his horn but the
drunk guy panicked,  didn’t know which way to turn and ran into the path of the motorbike. It was a big motorbike.  The bike rider flipped over the handle bars and onto the pavement while his bike hurtled towards me, stopping a foot or so away.

The drunk guy, blood pouring from his head,  was out cold or dead in the middle of the road.  A few guys attended to him  while I went to the motorcycle guy on the pavement.   I waited for the police gave my statement  then went to check if my bag was still  at that cafe. It wasn’t. I got home cancelled my cards and wondered why I started drinking again, again.  If this wasn’t a sign to stop then what is!



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