Something Else

With a sore back I deliver the hire car  to Avis at Euston station for 7.45am.  I’ll never drive that freaking car again!  After a meeting in Kings Cross   I cycle to The Riverside Rooms  my office at the Southbank centre for 9.15am.   I receive a text from Sonita Alleyne,  someone I haven’t seen for ten or is it fifteen years.  Sonita is head of  the largest independent production company outside of the BBC. It’s called Something Else, and she’s ace.

At noon we lunch and chat in the Royal Festival Hall  cafe for three hours and it still doesn’t seem long enough as we wave goodbye. it doesn’t seem a minutes ince we last met and I am happy.   At 4pm I meet  Seble Ephraim who has a copy of Internal Flight my documentary for The BBC which will be shown at the southbank in July. Her copy is much better than mine.  We go to the Southbank production team and someone  takes the VHS to convert it to DVD.   This place is ace. Home for 7pm

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