Cycling through the crush hour

This morning at 8.10am my friend of nearly twenty years the  tv producer  and presenter David Akinsanya  and I  cycle the regents canal to Angel Islington. We are here to meet Clare Tickell and Vivien Fowle  of Action for Children.  

There is a secret cafe in Angel which I have been introduced to by an Eritrean friend and which I must remember not to tell you about. It has the most perfect view of Angel Islington, the coffee is good.  The only cryptic clue I’ll give is this: it will set you alight. It is where I
have my meetings with folks based in north and east London.

David is the hottest thing in documentary TV this week. Just yesterday the Guardian espoused  “Adoption campaigner David Akinsanya was made for television: handsome, engaging, articulate and a product of Britain’s care system, so he knows what he’s talking about. And he lives on a boat.” .   The boat is ten minutes from where I live. Davids
documentary series this week entitled Find Me A Family has been a national hit.

The  reason I am here is to introduce David to Action For Children  as I’d suggested David as an attendee to a media dinner (with action for children) which I am unable to attend.  I’ll be in Budapest getting my teeth done which is not unconnected to the entire Care issue.   It’s  a pleasurable introduction, fun, relaxed and focused.   An hour and an half later we say our goodbyes. It’s a good start to the day.I like open brief meetings. More gets done.

 I cycle  onwards through morning crush hour  eventually arriving at waterloo bridge and to my office overlooking the river thames;  the riverside rooms at the Southbank Centre.   I’ve
had an advert enquiry. It is not the first and it won’t be the last. I can’t say much about it right now but I have a long chat with my agent.   Shlomo is on stage tonight at Southbank

Mid afternoon there is a meeting  to discuss GPS (Global Poetry Systems)  with Trish (Southbanks Web Woman) and a cameraman who will be filming me on Monday for the project. Global Poetry Systems is a web upload map to identify the poetry  around us.
We meet in the royal festival hall cafe and discuss the filming which will be uploaded onto the GPS website.   At five pm on the dot I cycle home. Home. Home. Home.

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