Broadway market

Saturday is just what I want it to be: a day to relax.  The Journalist and I take a bike ride to Broadway market and meet Margaret Busby,  Rohan Heath, Emma  and their two fantastic children. We spend the afternoon lolling around the market checking out stuff  but mostly chatting.  We took the children to the play areas of London Fields and  chatted more while they  hung from things swung from things and slid down slides.

Bumped into  Jonathan Dove on the market. Jonathan and I spent the week together in the Arctic a few months ago. We were room buddies.   I couldn’t have had a better room mate. We respected each others space,  both knew how unusual it was,  and both had a good time.  It’s the perfect day for me.   In the evening the journalist goes to a  north London girls party  and I kick back at home with the tv and a remote. Nice.

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  1. It's Saturday, 23rd and I've just got home from seeing an exhibition at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon to commemorate Darwin's birth. While there I watched a video of Lemn Sissay reading the poem “What If?”. I loved it as did other people who heard it there and we'd like to hear it again or buy it. How can we get hold of it? I sat there trying to write down all the words, but without Lemn's voice it's not the same…

  2. If you type in “What if” in the search facility on this blog hten you wil find the video. Also if you type “darwin originals” you will find it.

  3. sorry about the above. I mean if you type “darwin originals” into the search engine of this blog you will find the link.

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