Off By Heart

Ella Fitzgerald  said I am never bored because I am never boring.  It isn’t the end of the world if I don’t document all the events in my life here  and so I don’t. There are times that I think how boring it actually is.  It is no bad thing to be boring every now and again. It was a friend of mine, a gallerist, who said of my life  that it is  full of over stimulation and so I find it
difficult to relax in the spaces inbetween.

I have been learning  5,000  words for my play Why I Don’t Hate White People since returning from South Africa three days ago where I performed  Something Dark which is seven thousand words.  I learned not only the words  but the movements. And tonight I performed the former  at  The Udderbelly in The Southbank Centre as part of London Literature Festival.     

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